A Lawyer's Case for Network Marketing

Are You Tired of People Asking if Your Business is a Pyramid Scheme?


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This is a great book! Network marketing skeptics will be impressed with the depth of research that went into this book. 

Mike Dallaire, Certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach

Pamela Barnum inspires, educates and validates the profession of network marketing with her unique mix of facts, humour & storytelling. If you are a network marketer and looking for a resource that discusses the profession without all the hype, this is definitely a must read!

Patti Nott, CEO Dream Design Do Planners

Excellent! Loved every page and couldn't put it down!! Pam has an incredible talent at keeping the audience engaged and laying out the real deal with an added touch of humour! She knows how to deliver the facts and only the facts! I will be recommending and sharing this book with many!!! 

Dr. Briiann Dawson

Author Pamela Barnum

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